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Husqvarna K3000 Wet 14 inch Electric Cutter

Husqvarna K3000 Wet 14" Electric Cutter


K3000 Wet is made for cutting indoors and outdoors. A powerful, versatile electric cutter equipped with DEX, a wet cutting kit, to minimize dust and slurry. It easily adjusts between cutting different matierals

  • Elgard™, advanced electronic overload protection system, varies the rotation speed to warn of an approaching overlaod.
  • Electronic Softstart™ provides starting with normal, slow-acting fuses.
  • Considerable distance between the handles for safe control and reduced load.
  • max depth of cut is 5" with a max blade capacity of 14" diameter.
  • Weight, without blade, is 16.8 lbs


  • 4 Hour
    $54.00 minimum
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month